Our History

Lianfa products gallop all over the world, from scratch, carrying the wisdom and sweat of Lianfa people; in Lianfa's thirty years of development, the production process has experienced manual, semi-automated, automated, and the products are derived from one generation, two generations, three generations, along with Lianfa's growth and development. Thirty years ago, Lianfa people groped their way across the river production, homemade molds with magnetic, manual manual release, loading and unloading molds, the production of millions of pieces, the quality inspection of the needle handle off, the tip of the needle to stay in the cap, can not achieve the function of blood collection, so we had to destroy all of them. In the face of this cruel reality, Lianfa people chose the development mode of R & D and production, set up a professional R & D department, the chairman of the board of directors personally take charge of the guidance and financial support in technological innovation, technological innovation, etc., with remarkable results.

 Supported by the chairman of the board of directors personally, to give guidance and financial support in technological innovation, process innovation and other aspects, with remarkable results. The production process has experienced automated hook bending, semi-automatic needle row, electric knife cutting to the current fully automated straight-needle assembly line operation, product quality is stable and reliable. Every year, the company invests more than 50% of the sales profit in the research and development of new products or new technology. Technology research and development and capital investment in product technology and scale of continuous growth, a variety of products, production, assembly, packaging has been fully automated, a month's output of tens of millions of dollars in the workshop there are only a few operators. At present, Lianfa has formed an annual output of 1 billion ordinary

blood collection needles, 300 million safety blood collection needles, 10 million blood collection pens, all kinds of products sell well in the world.