Adjustable Lancing Device With Ejector

Assisting the lancet for peripheral blood sampling from the fingertip or the paw for blood glucose testing or other testing utilising a small amount of blood, it is the non-invasive device and does not come into contact with blood, it only makes a brief contact with the skin surface for a few seconds.

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Product Details

Endcap dial
Helps minimise ache with 5 simply seen depth settings.
More Safety
The patent protection lock ring layout ensures the security of the person for the duration of the blood series process.
Less Pain
Patented central action positioning plan improves the accuracy and steadiness of blood collection, and minimizes the user's pain.
The lancet ejector and the cocking manipulate are all at the cease of the lancing device, which is handy for the consumer to function with one hand.
Strong versatility
Universal for all popular Lancets on the market.

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