Heel Blade Safety Lancets

2023/06/02 15:14

Heel Blade Safety lancets are a type of lancing device specifically designed for newborns and infants. Unlike traditional lancing devices that require the user to manually puncture the skin, heel blade Safety Lancets have a pre-loaded blade that automatically punctures the heel. The device is typically used for a heel stick blood test, which is a common test performed on newborns to screen for various medical conditions. The heel blade safety lancet is designed to minimize pain and discomfort for the baby, while also reducing the risk of accidental injury to the healthcare provider.Many heel blade safety lancets have an adjustable depth setting to ensure that the appropriate amount of blood is collected for testing without causing excessive pain or injury. The lancets are also designed to be single-use and disposable, to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. It is important to always follow the instructions provided with the device and to properly dispose of the used lancet in a sharps container to prevent accidental injury or infection. If you are using this device, make sure to consult with your healthcare provider on proper usage and best practices.

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